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The Unheard Demos Vol I - Deluxe & Exclusive Download

The Unheard Demos Vol I - Deluxe & Exclusive Download

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I want to hand you a key. This is a mythical key which unlocks my secret cosmos of creativity.

You will listen to demos from the beginnings of my recording career right through to brand new exclusive material which has formed quite literally over recent days! Happy time-traveling!

Download includes a dreamy zip file for your enjoyment! 
  • Available Only on Hellena's store!
  • MP3 files
  • Cover Art
  • Poems (Whenever I call + 6 AM)
  • Secret Photos


  • A Wreck, So To Speak
  • All I Need
  • Beautiful Mess
  • Colours of Life
  • Hold on to Me
  • Imperfection makes Perfect
  • Love the fact your girl is famous
  • The Lovesong
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